Concerts on Demand

Enrich your stay in Salzburg with a special musical experience - book our talented musicians, to bring elegance and intimacy to any location and occasion (private dinners, celebrations, parties, ..). From pianos to violins, from singers to flute players, we make it happen.

Special offers: "Melody Dinner"

You can enjoy a private concert during dinner! We arrange a compartment for you and your friends in a restaurant of choice and send our musicians to your service. 

The following prices are for "Melody Dinners" (foods and drinks not included).

C01Solo Pianist1 E-piano or piano player1 hour€ 145.00
C02Solo Violinist1 Violinist & playback music1 hour€ 145.00
C03Piano Recital1 E-piano or piano player1 hour€ 185.00
C05Piano Duo1 E-piano & 1 musician of choice1 hour€ 185.00
C04Guitar Recital1 Concert guitarist1 hour€ 185.00
C06Guitar Duo1 Concert guitarist & 1 musician of choice1 hour€ 280.00
C07Violin Duo1 Violinist & 1 musician of choice1 hour€ 280.00
C08Vocal Duo Ensemble1 Singer & 1 E-piano or Guitar player1 hour€ 280.00
C09Trio Ensamble3 musicians of choice1.5 hours€ 385.00
C10Vocal Trio Ensemble1 Singer & 1 musician of choice & 1 E-piano player or Guitarist1.5 hours€ 385.00
C11My songs for 4 seaons (June Makino)1 Singer & 1 E-piano or Concert-Guitar player1.5 hours€ 385.00
C12Alpine X'mas Music1 Violinist & playback music1.5 hours€ 180.00
C13Alpine X'mas Music1 flute player & playback music1.5 hours€ 180.00
C14Alpine X'mas music Duo1 Guitarist & 1 flute player1 hour€ 250.00
C15Alpine X'mas Music Duo1 E-piano player & 1 Violinist1 hour€ 270.00
C16Alpine X'mas Songs (June Makino)1 Singer with Guitar & playback music1 hour€ 200.00
C17Alpine X'mas Party1 Singer & 1 E-pianist or Concert-Guitarist1.5 hours€ 300.00


Note: Bookings should ideally be made at least 1 month before the desired performance date. 

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